The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in Lawns and Stadiums



The onset of artificial grass has benefited many areas not just in homes. Sports fields, golf courses and building landscapes are fruit of its existence. Architects and landscapers have been advertising the benefits artificial grass delivers. This artificial grass comes from man-made fibers or synthetic that is specifically crafted to mimic the blades of real grass. It came into its major use in 1966 when in Houston Astrodome, this covered the field. Then stadiums around U.S. became engrossed in using this. Now, It has become more popular when homeowners started using this turf to make sure that their lawns stay well-manicured and consistently in its best condition.


How are these installed?


In the installation there are several steps that should be made which include the clearing of the area, then the preparation which comprises leveling and adding fillers to eliminate bumps and uneven areas. The soil is them compacts and after that loose sand is added while still securing evenness in the area. After that the roll of artificial grass is then placed flat on the sand. They use nails to keep it in place while they also have a certain adhesive to connect them together. Additional sand is added on its top to replicate the look of a real grass. If the installation is of quality, the owner can expect 15-20 years of lifespan. Ask for Artificial Grass Samples to make your choices.

What are the benefits of artificial grass?


  • Save the effort of watering the grass which consumes more water while the effort of doing the task too.
  • There is no need to mow or cut your lawn, it will remain with a full lush throughout the year, and even after
  • It doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizer and even gas-powered tools to maintain.
  • Only requires minimal clearing of dirt and debri, other than that it will stand beautiful and consistent in its appearance.
  • In the long run you will save on money in the maintenance cost.




This is the answer to people who just wants to have a beautiful grass lawn but does not have the time and resources to maintain it.