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The Aftercare You Need To Follow After a Nice Round of Sex

The BDSM has seen a huge growth in the sex culture (all thanks to the erotic scenes of male pornstars in the fifty shades of grey). Lovers and hook-up partners are exploring many different ways to have sex. But with these kinky options, looking after your safety becomes dominant.

What actually is aftercare?

In simple words, aftercare is the things that you do after an intense sex. As you know, BDSM increases the sexual arousals and the people doing it go through an altered state of mind. Therefore, aftercare is important to get back to the original state and calm down.

What people assume wrong about an aftercare?

It is an activity that involves respect and attention. It is not the thing that you do after doing BDSM such as leaving without informing, acting shamefully, etc. Therefore, in order to maintain a good relationship, or to end a hook-up positively, you have to recognize the affair. Treating it badly will only make you a coward and selfish person. Technically, we call it “The walk of shame”.

What to do in an aftercare?

The best method to find it out is by discussing it with your partner. Ask them what relaxes them in terms of sexuality. However, here are a few examples for you:

  • Cuddling your partner
  • Giving them a good massage using oils
  • Supporting the person while they express their emotions
  • Enjoying a couple shower
  • Offering them a drink or dinner


For people who seek a long term relationship, it is extremely important to follow an aftercare. And for the hook-up one’s, it will increase the trust and gratefulness among you.